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Dr Shahnawaz B Kaloo is a medical doctor, a researcher and an author. He is Consultant Interventional Radiology at Max Hospital Saket, New Delhi. He is an expert in interventional Radiology and has performed more than 2500 procedure successfully. His areas of expertise include:

  • Liver Cancer treatment (RFA, Microwave ablation, TACE, TARE)
  • Biliary diseases (PTBD, Biliary stenting, Endo-biliary biopsy)
  • Cirrhosis and Budd Chiari syndrome (TIPS, DIPS, BRTO, Hepatic vein stenting)
  • Liver transplant interventions
  • Ultrasound/CT guided biopsies and FNAC
  • Embolisation for uterine fibroid and AVM
  • Varicose vein laser treatment
  • Varicocele embolisation
  • Prostate embolisation for BPH

The Interventional Radiology department at Max Hospital is one of the best and well equipped units in the country providing most advanced treatment. The department is equipped with state of art bi-plane DSA unit, Doppler ultrasound, CT scan and fluoroscopy.


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