Dialysis Access and its management

Dialysis Access and its management

Patients who are sufferings from kidney failure often need dialysis. The process of hemo-dialysis requires to withdraw blood from a vein, circuit this blood through a machine for filtration and return it to the vein of the patient.

Hemodialysis catheter is special plastic tube placed in a vein to withdraw and return the blood. This is usually placed in the neck or the thigh veins. This catheter can be used for a few days and is then removed.

PermaCath (Tunneled catheter) is again a special plastic tube used to withdraw and return the blood into the vein but this catheter works for many months instead of days.

Dialysis Fistula is a surgically created connection between an artery and a vein to provide a high flow circuit for dialysis . This is usually created in an arm. The major advantage of fistula is that it works for many years. However, if it gets blocked (usually by clots or narrowing), it can be treated by Fistula-plasty. Fistula-plasty consists of clearing the clots and dilating the fistula with small angioplasty balloons. This procedure prolongs the usefulness of a dialysis fistula.


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